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What’s New

2016-05-30 Miura was invited to China Gas (central and western regions) training session
2015-06-01 New office of Siping Miura
2015-03-27 New Office of Yinchuan Miura
2014-08-25 New Office of Nanning Miura
2014-08-25 New Office of Haikou Miura
2014-06-30 New Office of Heyuan Miura
2014-06-15 Notice of Adress Change for Miura Changsha Office
2014-05-29 New Office of Huizhou Miura
2014-02-14 New Office Of Nantong Miura
2014-02-12 New Office Of Tangshan Miura
2014-01-20 Miura Industries (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was awarded the high-tech enterprise certificate.
2014-01-10 Miura • China successfully hosted the 20th anniversary celebration
2013-08-30 New Office Of Northern Jiangsu Miura
2013-08-01 New Office of Changchun Miura
2013-01-10 New Office of Mianyang Miura
2012-11-09 New Office of Linyi Miura
2012-11-05 New Office of Lanzhou Miura
2012-09-27 Recruitment
2012-06-20 New Office of Amoy Miura
2012-06-18 New Office of Chengdu Miura
2012-06-01 New Office of Dalian Miura
2012-05-18 New Office of Suzhou Miura
2012-04-18 New Office of Chongqing Miura
2012-02-14 New Office of Jinan Miura
2011-02-25 Miura Industries (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully passed ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 recertification audit.
2011-01-25 Successful Holding of Trainings for Corporate Office Clerks.
2010-12-24 Successful Holding of “Miura Boiler & Suntory Beer––Energy -conservation Boiler Technologies Seminar”
2010-12 Sterilizer Products Gain Medical Device Registration Certificate
2010-06-04 Nanjing ceremony of opening the real-time diagnosis system for the safety and energy conservation of industrial boilers was held successfully
2010-06-03 Miura Industrial Co., Ltd. signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement on energy conservation technology of industrial boilers with Nanjing Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection Institute
2010-04-20 Satisfactory Finish of Orientation Training for New Employees in 2010
2010-03-26 Symposium on Energy Conservation Technology for Industrial Boilers was Held by Miura Company and Xi’an Institute of Special Equipment Inspection
2010-03-26 Miura Company was invited to attend the Forum for Special Equipment with High Energy Consumption in Xi’an
2010-03-08 Miura Company signed the memorandum of cooperation on energy efficiency and discharge reduction technology of industrial boilers with Nanjing Institute of Boiler Inspection
2010-03-07 Miura Company signed the strategic cooperation memorandum on energy conservation technology for industrial boilers with Guangzhou Institute of Special Pressure Equipment Inspection & Research
2009-11-16 Nanjing Publicity and Implementation Conference on Energy Conservation of Industrial Boilers as well as Conference on New Technology in Saving Energy held in Suzhou
2009-11-09 Secondary National Training on the Knowledge of Energy Conservation for the Technical Backbone of Supervision and Regulation of Energy Conservation of Industrial Boilers
2009-11-08 Japan Miura Industrial Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation agreement on energy conservation and environment protection technology with China Special Equipment Inspection (CSEI) and Research Institute and Dalian Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection Institutes in the Fourth Forum for Sino-Japan Energy Saving and Environment Protection
2006-08-01 New Boiler “CZI Series”Launched in China
2006-06-26 Miura Industries (Suzhou) Co., LTD. Starts Product
2006-05-31 Sales Partner Reception at Miura Industries (Suzho
2006-03-31 Shanghai Miura Co., LTD. Exhibits at China-Japan-K
2006-03-08 Commencement Ceremony at Miura Industries (Suzhou)
2006-02-24 Miura Industries (Suzhou) Obtains Grade B Manufact
2005-11-01 BOILERMATE IS, IH, IB Series: Chemicals for Chines
2005-03-08 Miura Industries (Suzhou) Co., LTD. Holds Groundbr
2004-10-01 Establishment of a New Sales & Manufacture Company

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